Framilon Elastic Tape for Shoulder Sewing

Framilon Elastic Tape for Shoulder Sewing

Supplier of framilon elastic tape in China, high elasticity and durability, ideal for swimwear, underwear, knitwear sewing usage

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Framilon elastic tape for shoulder sewing

Size: Thickness: 0.08mm-0.30mm Width: 3mm-30mm (If you need other special size, please contact us)

Certificate: OEKO-TEX Standard 100


-High elasticity and durability, about 200%-300% elasticity. (Stretch according to the thickness.)
-Maintains elasticity even at low temperatures (-20°C).
-Excellent washing fastness, can be dry-clean.
-Light, thin, soft, invisibility, suitable for all kinds of garment. No feel of pinch, itch and irritation.
-Completely safe for human body, free of formalin, AZO or any other harmful substance.
-Proven resistant to chemicals such as perspiration, Urine, Oil, water, sea water, acid, etc.
-Very economic and low cost. Light weight, slim, thin, one kilo have yield meters.
-Transparent elastic tape can match any color fabric.